November 2021
Vrijdag 12 november

Promotie Stephanie Meeuwissen

Team learning at work: Getting the best out of interdisciplinary teacher teams and leaders Promotoren: prof.dr. M.G.A. (Mirjam) oude Egbrink en prof.dr. W.H. (Wim) Gijselaers Copromotor: dr. H.A.P. (Ineke) Wolfhagen Aula Universiteit Maastricht

Donderdag 18 november
t/m 19-11-2021
Vrijdag 26 november

Promotie Linda Bonnie

t/m 30-11-2021

A closer look at entrustment. A study into entrustment in workplace-based medical education, with a focus on EPAs and the role of contextual factors. Promotores: prof.dr. N. van Dijk (AMC-UvA) en prof.dr. A.W.M. Kramer (Universiteit Leiden). Co-promotor: dr. M.R.M. Visser (AMC-UvA).

December 2021
Donderdag 2 december

Promotie Lisanne Welink

Learning in (inter)action - Implicit and explicit EBM learning processes at the GP workplace. Aula Universiteit Utrecht