Proefschriften en samenvattingen

De NVMO heeft een financiële bijdrage geleverd aan het verschijnen van een groot aantal proefschriften. Zie hieronder voor een overzicht van de proefschriften die wij ontvangen hebben. Daarbij staan, voor zover aanwezig, de links naar de PDF of naar een website waar het proefschrift gelezen kan worden.

Myrthe Verhees
Workplace-based learning for an evolving healthcare landscape: exploring changing contexts and themes
Aula Radboudumc, 28 mei 2024

Marleen Ottenhoff
Exploring the maturation of medical educators and their beliefs about teaching and learning. The value of a personal educational mission
Promotoren: prof. dr. Anneke W.M. Kramer en  prof. dr. Roeland M. van der Rijst
Academiegebouw Leiden, 23 november 2023

Charlotte den Bakker
The clinican-scientist pipeline: undergraduate and postgraduate supply, leaks and perspectives
Promotor: prof. dr. F. W. Dekker (LUMC)
Copromotoren: dr. A.J. de Beaufort (LUMC) en dr. B.W.C. Ommering (Hogeschool Utrecht)
Academiegebouw Leiden, 28 september 2023

Charlotte Eijkelboom
Learning from patients: understanding student experiences with patient involvement in medical education
Promotoren: prof. dr. J. Frenkel en prof. dr. M.F. van der Schaaf
Co-promotor: dr. R.A.M. de Kleijn
Academiegebouw Universiteit Utrecht, 13 september 2023

Malou Stoffels
Optimizing school-supported clinical learning: an investigation in the context of nursing education
Promotoren: prof. dr. R.A. Kusurkar en prof. dr. S.M. Peerdeman
Copromotoren: dr. H.E.M. Daelmans en dr. S.M.E. van der Burgt
Auditorium VU Amsterdam, 19 september 2023

Rozemarijn van der Gulden
Time to reflect: How portfolio use helps and hinders self-regulated learning
Promotoren: prof. dr. N.D. Scherpbier-de Haan en prof. dr. S. Heeneman (UM)
Copromotor: dr. B.P.A. Thoonen en dr. A.A. Timmerman (UM)
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 2 mei 2023

Pieter Barnhoorn
On becoming a GP, Professional Identity Formation in GP residents
Promotoren: prof.dr. M.E. Numans en prof.dr. W.N.K.A. van Mook
Copromotor: dr. V. Nierkens
Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden, 2 februari 2023
Proefschrift (webversie)
Proefschrift (PDF)

Natasja Looman
Empowerment of residents for Intraprofessional Collaboration: the Role of Context, Culture and Power Dynamics
Promotoren: prof. dr. C.R.M.G. Fluit, prof. dr. de Graaf, prof. dr. N.D. Scherpbier-de Haan
Aula Radboud Universiteit, 29 november 2022

Dorien Koppes

The revival of anatomy in gynaecology: The known, need to know and unknown
Promotoren: Prof.dr. R.F.P.M Kruitwagen en Prof.dr. F. Scheele
Co-promotoren: dr. K.J.B. Notten en dr. A.N Schepens-Franke
Aula Universiteit Maastricht, 10 november 2022

Chris Rietmeijer
Direct observation in postgraduate medical education: a misleading concept
Promotoren: Prof.dr. H.E. van der Horst en Prof.dr. P.W. Teunissen
Co-promotoren: Prof.dr. F. Scheele en dr. H. Blankenstein
Aula Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 7 november 2022

Iris Jansen
Interactions that Matter
Understanging Residents' Professional Growth Through Workplace Relationships
Promotor: prof.dr. M.J.H.H. Lombarts
Co-promotoren: dr. R.E. Stalmeijer en dr. M.E.W.M. Silkens
Universiteit van Amsterdam, 25 oktober 2022

Renée Hendriks
Finding valuable direction for teaching and learning in campus-integrated medical Massive Open Online Courses.
Promotoren: prof.dr. Marlies E.J. Reinders en prof.dr. Wilfried F. Admiraal
Co-promotor: dr. ir. Peter G.M. de Jong
Academiegebouw Leiden, 11 oktober 2022

Ellen Driever
Shared decision making in hospital care; what happens in practice
Promotoren: prof.dr. P.L.P. Brand en prof.dr. A.M. Stiggelbout
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 14 september 2022

Lubberta de Jong
Unraveling programmatic assessment
Issues of validity in high-stakes decision-making
Promotoren: prof. dr. W.D.J. Kremer en prof. dr. C.P.M. van der Vleuten
Copromotor: dr. G.J. Bok
Universiteit Utrecht, 6 september 2022

Katerina Bogomolova
3D Learning in Anatomical and Surgical Education in Relation to visual-spatial Abilities
Promotoren: prof.dr. J.A. van der Hage, prof.dr. S.E.R. Hovius
Co-promotor: dr. B.P. Hierck
Universiteit Leiden, 3 februari 2022

Lisanne Welink
Learning in (inter)action. Inpolicit and explicit EBM learning processes at the GP workplace
Promotor: prof.dr. R.A.M.J. Damoiseaux
Copromotoren: dr. M.E.L. Bartelink en dr. E. de Groot
Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, 2 december 2021

Stephanie Meeuwissen
Team learning at work: Getting the best out of interdisciplinary teacher teams and leaders
Promotoren: prof.dr. M.G.A. (Mirjam) oude Egbrink en prof.dr. W.H. (Wim) Gijselaers
Copromotor: dr. H.A.P. (Ineke) Wolfhagen
Aula Universiteit Maastricht, 12 november 2021

Tamara Köhler
Providing color to the pharmacy technician; A new profession within the pharmacy team
Promotor: prof.dr. A.D.C. Jaarsma
Copromotor: dr. M.Westerman
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 25 augustus 2021

Karsten van Loon
Investigations into the use of entrustable professional activities in postgraduate medical education
Promotoren: Prof.dr. F. Scheele, prof.dr. E.W. Driessen, prof.dr. P.W. Teunissen
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 23 september 2021

Belinda Ommering
Future physician-scientists: let’s catch them young!
Unravelling the role of motivation for research
Promotor: prof.dr. F.W. Dekker
Universiteit Leiden, 8 september 2021

Gersten Jonker
Building a continuum Competence development from student to medical specialist
Promotoren: prof.dr. Th.J. ten Cate en prof.dr. R.G. Hoff
Universiteit Utrecht, 22 april 2021

Ester Coolen
Mastering Competence in Acute Paediatric Care Using Simulation Technology;
New Insights into the Training Assessment and Transfer of Teamwork Skills
Promotoren: prof.dr. M.A.A.P. Willemsen en prof.dr. C.R.M.G. Fluit
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 10 februari 2021

Sophie Querido
Career Choice of Medical Students and Recent Medical Graduates
Studies on factors of influence in a longitudinal trajectory
Promotor: prof.dr. Th.J. ten Cate
Co-promotoren: dr. L. Wigersma en dr. M.E.J. de Rond
Universiteit Utrecht, 21 januari 2021

Marjolein Versteeg
At the Heart of Learning. Navigating towards educational neuroscience in health professions education
Promotor P. Steendijk
Copromotor A.J. de Beaufort
Universiteit Leiden, 21 januari 2021

Jennita Meinema
The Implementation of New Clinical Evidence in Clinical Practice:
Exploring the Role of Education
Promotores: prof.dr. N. van Dijk, prof.dr. H.C.P.M. van Weert

Co-promotor: prof.dr. A.D.C. Jaarsma
Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC, 12 januari 2021

Tamara van Woezik
Making self-directed learning wor
Promotoren G.J. van der Wilt en A.D.C. Jaarsma
Radbouduniversiteit Nijmegen, 9 december 2020

Marloes Duitsman

Challenges of Assessment in Medical Residency Training
Promotoren J. de Graaf en A.D.C. Jaarsma
Co-promotoren C.R.M.G. Fluit en M.J. ten Kate-Booij
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 5 oktober 2020

Nesibe Akdemir-Andas
Accreditation: evil eye or helping hand?
Accreditation of medical education as a social construct

Promotor F. Scheele, co-promotor S.J. Hamstra
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 1 juli 2020

Birds of a feather flock together; The interplay of curriculum structure and professional identity formation of medical students
Sjoukje van den Broek
Promotoren  M.R. van Dijk en Th.J. ten Cate, co-promotor M. Wijnen-Meijer
Universiteit Utrecht, 9 juni 2020

Selection for medical school; the quest for validity
Sanne Schreurs

Promotoren M.G.A. oude Egbrink en J.A. Cleland, co-promotorK.B.J.M. Cleutjens
Universiteit Maastricht, 20 maart 2020

Gliding on the winds of change: The challenge of implementing change in postgraduate medical education
Lindsay Bank

Promotoren F. Scheele en A.J.J.A. Scherpbier, co-promotor M. Jippes
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 18 december 2019

Handle with care; A mulidisciplinary analysis of frontline medical leadership in medical residents
Judith Voogt

Promotoren M.M.E. Schneider, M. Noordergraaf, M.F. van der Schaaf, co-promotor E.L.J.van Rensen
Universiteit Utrecht, 29 november 2019

Harmonising Postgraduate Medical Education in Europe; the case of obstetrics & gynaecology
Jessica van der Aa

Promotores F. Scheele en P.W. Teunissen, co-promotor A.J. Goverde
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 25 november 2019

Motivation and academic performance of ethnic minority medical students
Ulviye Isik

Promotor G. Croiset, co-promotoren R.A. Kusurkar en A. Wouters
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 5 november 2019

Unrevaling thechange in undergraduate medical curricula complexities of enacting change in undergraduate Unrevaling the change in undergraduate medical curricula complexities of enacting medical curricula
Floor Velthuis

Promotor A.D.C. Jaarsma, co-pomotoren E. Helmich en H. Dekker
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 4 november 2019

How to teach communication skills to medical students; from first step to finish
Marianne Brouwers

Promotores C. van Weel en R.F.J.M. Laan, co-promotor E.M. van Wee-Baumgarten
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 24 september 2019

IMAGINE. Improving Adherence to Guidelines in Infectious diseases through Nudging and Education
Martine Caris

Promotores C.M.J.E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls en M.H.H. Kramer, co-promotor M.A. van Agtmael
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 19 september 2019

Guiding the educator; The Instructional Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Postgraduate Medical E-learning
Robert de Leeuw

Promotor F. Scheele, co-promotor M. Westerman
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 18 juni 2019

Coaching in the operating room
Sander Alken

Promotor H. van Goor, co-promotoren C.R.M.G. Fluit en J.M. Luursema
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 22 mei 2019

Walking the tightrope of training and clinical service
Tiuri van Rossum
Promotoren I.E. Heyligers en F. Scheele, co-promotor H.E. Sluiter
Universiteit Maastricht, 28 februari 2019

Exploring the affective component of Interprofessional Education: 'Seeing the pieces of the puzzle'
Cora Visser

Promotor G Croiset, co-promotoren R.A. Kusurkar en H.E. Westerveld
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 8 november 2018

Developing a Tool for Selection for Medical School. A search for academic and non-academic parameters to predict future medical school performance
Louise Urlings-Strop
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 10 oktober 2018

Curriculum Sample Selection for Entry to Medical School
Marieke de Visser, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 3 oktober 2018, 14.30 uur

Work Engagement in Medical Education
Joost van den Berg, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 18 september 2018, 14.00 uur

It is all about quality
Nienke Buwalda, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 14 juni 2018, 12.00 uur

Unpacking quality; in residency training in health care delivery
Alina Smirnova, Universiteit Maastricht, 4 april 2018, 14.00 uur

Learning in a Student-Run Clinic. A new concept to improve medical education in pharmacotherapy
Tim Schutte, Aula Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 28 maart 2018, 9.45 uur

Rational Prescribing in Europe; are future doctors well prepared?
David Brinkman, Aula Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 15 maart 2018, 15.45 uur

New Perspectives on Learning Climates in Postgraduate Medical Education
Milou Silkens, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 23 februari 2018

The Role of Motivation in Continuing Education for Pharmacists
Sharon Schouten, Universiteit Utrecht, 4 oktober 2017

Medical Teaching: Policy Implementation and Teacher Motivation in University Hospital Settings
Rik Engbers, Raboud umc Nijmegen, 20 september 2017

Strengthening medical teachers’ professional identity; 
Understanding identity development and the role of teacher communities and teaching courses
Thea van Lankveld

Medical students' self-regulated learning in clinical contexts
Joris Berkhout, AMC/Universiteit van Amsterdam, 13 april 2017

Effects of medical school selection
Anouk Wouters, Vrije Universiteit, 9 februari 2017
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Student betrokkenheid in Biomedische cursussen: Onderzoek naar de bijdrage van onderwijstechnologie in kleinschalig onderwijs
Rianne Bouwmeester, Universiteit Utrecht, 3 november 2016

Self-regulation and entrustment in workplace learning. An exploratory study in postgraduate training for general practice
Greetje Sagasser, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 14 september 2016
Summary en Samenvatting

Intercultural communication between doctors and patients; a multi-perspective exploration
Emma Paternotte, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 14 juni 2016
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